Introduction to Cogito NTNU and Artificial Intelligence

06 Sep 17:15 - 18:15 -- S6

Target audience: All

Prerequisites / Level: None

Language: English

What: Brief introduction of Cogito NTNU with the opportunity to ask questions, followed by a lecture on artificial intelligence with Ole Jakob Mengshoel.


It is approaching application deadline for positions at Cogito NTNU!

For this reason, we want all students to get the most information about our organization and subject area, so it’s easier to make sure that being a part of Cogito NTNU is the right choice for you!


Therefore we have assembled a short lecture focusing on Cogito NTNU and artificial intelligence, where we have invited Ole Jakob Mengshoel (Professor at the Department of Computer Technology) to lecture on the latter. The course starts with a 15 minute presentation by Cogito NTNU, before we move on to Mengshoel. If anyone has questions about Cogito NTNU, these are answered before Mengshoel’s lecture.


Mengshoel will give a brief introduction to artificial intelligence, focusing on the following themes:

– Successes of artificial intelligence

– Machine learning: typical approach

– Neural networks

– Future trends of AI

– What AI can be used for


Hope to see you there!

Please press «attending»/»interested» on facebook!

Date published: 19 Jan 2019